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Power Systems

  1. S.M.P.S. (Switch Mode Power Supplies) - Complete testing, integration, installation, commissioning, Acceptance test & repairing of SMPS modular based Rack power system from 12.5 Amps to 7000 Amps.
  2. Linear Power Supplies- Supply, installation & repairing of 0-30 V/0-40 A & 48 V/5-20 A FCBC 
  3. Conventional Power systems- Installation & repairing of conventional power systems 48 V/25-500A 
  4. U.P.S. (Uninterrupted Power Supplies)- installation of UPS   ranging from 500 VA to 300 KVA  
  5. Inverters- installation & repairing of Inverters  ranging from 500 VA to 5 KVA.
  6. Ni-Cd VRLA & LEAD ACID batteries installation & Commissioning along with charging, discharging & acceptance test of HBL, Exide  &  Amararaja make.



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